Lorenzo Fontanesi - Presidente OPAS

An Uphill Battle

Even 2023 has proven to be another year of great complexity, both internationally and for our business sector.

The events that have characterized the past 12 months have continued to intertwine situations from geopolitics spilling over into social and economic sectors.

Energy, raw materials, transportation: they have suffered spikes in costs that have affected the lives of all businesses and families alike.

Despite this, and as was the case during the pandemic, the agri-food sector has been the mainstay of society, ensuring – at the cost of great sacrifices – a constant and uninterrupted flow of food available to the population.

Being an economic force capable of offering job opportunities and social stability is what drives the farmers associated with Opas to continue being agricultural entrepreneurs.

We are proud of this.

Lorenzo Fontanesi – OPAS President

Valerio Pozzi - Amministratore Delegato OPAS

An Assumption of Responsibility Towards Internal and External Stakeholders

This is, as in previous years, the Opas 2023 Sustainability Report.

It is about bringing to everyone’s attention not only the methods of producing a distinctly Italian food of quality, traceable, guaranteed, and certified, such as lean pork, but it is also the thread that guides anyone who has the desire and will to understand how a leading agri-food company intends to actively participate, with great respect and utmost commitment, in the goal of sustainable development.

From a technical point of view, the Sustainability Report is therefore a collection of numbers, trends, and considerations that highlight the results of a wide range of performances, for example: from water consumption savings to reduced plastic use, from reduced CO2 emissions into the atmosphere to the continuous planting of trees. But it is also, and above all, a primary element of transparency that the farmers of Opas offer to society.

There is indeed a desire to emphasize how farming and processing activities are absolutely in line – and even exceed legal standards – for the classic production phases: from ensuring the safety conditions for those who work daily to animal welfare.

At the same time, it aims to be a complete and authentic snapshot of the company’s commitment to environmental and governance issues.

All this to offer anyone, in a clear and transparent way, both the intentions and the goals achieved.

Valerio Pozzi – OPAS CEO