Opas Production CHAIN


The pigs in this supply chain are raised in Italy and slaughtered at the OPAS facility.

By signing the technical regulations for the “OPAS Controlled Supply Chain,” pig suppliers accept the content, meet the requirements, and formally adhere to the said supply chain, becoming directly responsible at their own farms.

All farms that are part of the Controlled Supply Chain must raise pigs in facilities equipped with suitable structures, equipment, and management to ensure animal welfare. Additionally, they are subject to inspections by the certifying body as well as OPAS personnel.

KIWA-CERMET is the recognized certification body that certifies this regulation through the technical document DT033.


The products subject to certification (live pigs, carcasses, loose anatomical cuts, or vacuum-packed cuts) are marketed with a certificate of origin bearing “OPAS Controlled Supply Chain” and identified as FC.


Suppliers who adhere to the OPAS Controlled Supply Chain, where applicable, must guarantee the presence and application of a self-control system in compliance with the requirements of current legislation.

Suppliers guarantee the presence and application of documented procedures relating to:

  • Identification and traceability
  • Staff training
  • Correct management of documentation and records
  • Pig feeding
  • Animal welfare
  • Correct use of medication
  • Supply chain inspections (by OPAS)
  • Environmental aspects and reduction of environmental impact.

All supply chain aspects are maintained thanks to the certified traceability system UNI EN ISO 22005/2008 up to the point of sale.