Carpi Operational Unit

The slaughtering plant and the warehouse based in Carpi covers a total surface of 92 thousand square meters, of which 25 thousand are roofed, and has a slaughter capacity of 480 animals per hour, a storage capacity at 0 degree of 780 tons and at minus 18 degrees of 1,200 tons.

In Italy, Opas is the pig slaughtering company that processes the highest number of animals (approximately 24 thousand pigs per week) and it handles the highest number of production chains with constantly growing production volumes.

The plant has been acquired by Filiera Sì (51%Opas and 49% Alcar Uno)

Opas production chain in Carpi has allowed, among others, to take the former plant Italcarni back in surplus, thus giving the job back to more than 600 people and rebooting all the economic and social satellite activities of the territory: an advantage for all the Italian pig farming but also for the whole economy of the area concerned and of Emilia Romagna region.

The swine slaughterhouse

  • Staff employed 600 (direct and external staff members)

  • Total surface of the area:  mt. 92,000 of which, roofed surface: sq. mt. 25,000

  • Storage capacity at 0°:780 Tons

  • Storage capacity at -18°:200 Tons

  • Computerization is given as much impetus as to guarantee the most technologically advanced meat traceability system in Italy

The production capacity

  • Slaughtering capacity 500 animals per hour

  • 70% D.O.P. pigs are heat-treated

  • 1.000 hams are trimmed per hour

  • 30% intermediate pigs are cold-treated